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Why I Love People

Today I am going to share with you what has been inspiring me each and every day since I started my professional career almost 15 years ago. It’s a brief insight into my own personal journey and it uncovers what has led me to where I am today, what motivates me and why I have ultimately met the conclusion that it is the people in my journey that have made such a difference to the way I view life. This is why I love people…..

How To Make Your Business Go Interstellar!

A few months ago I watched a programme on BBC called Voyager: To the final frontier. The programme deeply inspired me in terms of humankind’s constant quest and endeavours to reach the outer limits from our planet earth. It is a fascinating programme and I would advise you to watch it as well if you get the chance. It is available on iTunes if you’d like to catch up with it but failing that, check out the links at the end of this blog about the Voyager mission which will tell you all about it and what scientists aimed to achieve.