Business Management Consultants – Anseris Mons Seal Another Deal

Veterinary Surgical Equipment specialists, Instrumentation Concept Limited have retained Management Consultants Anseris Mons to assist with its growth strategy to become the number one manufacturer and supplier of specialist surgical equipment to Vets throughout the UK & Europe. Instrumentation Concept, which has a family history of manufacturing and supplying equipment stemming back some 40 years are particularly well known and highly regarded in the Equine Dentistry sector, but have expanded their range to other large animals and the small animal sector.

Anseris Mons, founded by Rob Bhol and Zeeshan Masood, stated “We are absolutely delighted to have been retained by Instrumentation Concept and look forward to assisting them with their future development. It’s a fascinating industry and due to our unique approach and offering, we will be working on business development as well as any legal services they require.

Tahir Afzal, Managing Director of Instrumentation Concept Limited, said “We are very proud of our business and the industry that we are in as well as the success we have enjoyed so far, but we felt it was time to get some guidance on planning for the future and the next phase of our business. Having spent much time considering who could assist us, we decided upon Anseris Mons, as they are not only able to look at so many aspects of our company, but also demonstrated a clear understanding of how important relationships are in business.”