How To Make Your Business Go Interstellar!

A few months ago I watched a programme on BBC called ‘Voyager: To the final frontier’. The programme deeply inspired me in terms of humankind’s constant quest and endeavours to reach the outer limits from our planet earth. It is a fascinating programme and I would advise you to watch it as well if you get the chance. It is available on iTunes if you’d like to catch up with it but failing that, check out the links at the end of this blog about the Voyager mission which will tell you all about it and what scientists aimed to achieve.

Being a bit of a space buff the programme stayed in my mind for a while and it’s still hard not to be blown away by the fact that the Voyager space crafts are the first human made objects which have ever travelled beyond the solar system and into the galaxy beyond – into interstellar space. It makes the mind boggle.

Facing the challenge

In order to make the concept of travel to the outer planets a realistic ambition, scientists had to overcome many challenges; the main one being the spacecrafts’ ability to escape the gravitational pull of the sun and the planets without the use of powerful rockets, as they were simply not available.

Eventually, one of the scientists overcame this problem through coming up with two sets of trajectories (after studying 10000 trajectories) which would use the gravitational pull of the sun and the planets to catapult these spacecrafts from one planet to another and ultimately into interstellar space.

Another important element which scientists had to consider was the timing of launching these spacecrafts as all the planets had to be in a particular position at a particular time for the mission to be successful.

A staggering achievement when you take time to think about it.

Our business voyage

After watching this programme one of the things which came to my mind as a business professional was what lessons businesses could learn from this intrepid journey and how could they create the ambition to enter into interstellar space – where no other business have reached before?

In my view any business can achieve the unachievable as long as:

  1. The business has the desire, commitment and determination to go beyond what is obvious.
  2. It can find the right trajectory to propel itself from on phase of success to another.
  3. Chose the right timing for every critical step it wishes to take in its journey towards growth and success.

The Voyager mission teaches us about ambition and what we can truly achieve if we set our minds to it. Let’s try and put this into a business context. If we could create the right environment and mind-set in our businesses then it would be easier to find those things that often elude us. Things such as:

  • The opportunities in our businesses that we miss.
  • The answers to the obstacles and problems that stand in our way.
  • How best to utilise our time within the business.
  • How to create the kind of business that we’ve always wanted.

So what’s keeping us from achieving the above?

There are many things in business that keep us stuck in our tracks and unable to move forward. Examples of this are self-doubt, procrastination, disorganisation, the clutter of our lives, failings in our creativity, lacking the ability to think beyond the here and now, thinking small and lacking confidence to reach beyond our sphere of experience.

The achievements of Voyager show us what humankind is capable of on a big scale. Your business may not be on the scale of a Voyager mission but you still need to set the right trajectory and reach your destination. Where you set that destination is up to you. You can play safe or you can go beyond expectation and take your business to another level. The only limits are the ones you place on yourself.

Leading the way forward

It is the role of a business leaders to prepare themselves and their teams for the journey and then lead and inspire them every step of the way. I strongly believe that human potential is immense and opportunities available to humankind are limitless. It is the ability to harness that potential and that of others which defines a true leader and enables us to achieve the unachievable, reach the unreachable and do the undoable.

Beyond the stars there are worlds more

Our quest yet has more tests to pass

This existence alone does not matter

There are boundless journeys more

Do not rest on what you have

There are paradises more to explore

Why worry if you have lost one abode

There are a million addresses to claim

You are the falcon, your passion is flight

And you have skies more to transcend

Lose not yourself in the cycle of days and nights

Within your reach are feats even more

Gone is the day when I was lonesome in the crowd

Today those who resonate my thoughts are more

(Muhammad Iqbal)

I would love to get your feedback on the above and hear about the ambitions you have for your business.

Zeeshan MasoodAnseris Mons Limited