The Business Leaders Green Cross Code

Business Leaders, I am not seeking to teach you how to cross the road, but it is somewhat amazing how such lessons in how to cross a road safely in our early years can be so relevant in the adult world of running and leading a business.


Why, because when you do, you will notice other things going on around you. It allows you to pause for thought, to think about what you are doing, what others are doing, it allows you the time to consider your business and the world it serves and gives you the chance to acquire knowledge. Remember Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bike. Think Once, Think Twice, Think Business. You will avoid costly collisions in business if you stop once in a while.


Look at your business, take a step back and look at it objectively. Look at what you are doing, achieving, not doing, could be doing better, what others are doing, your staff, your colleagues, your competitors, look out for market trends, changes on the horizon and consider the impact. Look at its various aspects regularly, particularly its finances. Look in all directions. if you simply stare at what is 2 feet away from you that is all you will ever see. Do not close your eyes and put your head in the sand. You will miss the opportunity your competitors just got and from nowhere will be hit by a juggernaut. It will simply be a matter of time if you do not take the time to look.


Listen is an anagram of Silent. To truly listen and hear you need to be silent. Listen to others; staff; customers; the community; the background noise within your business, listen to yourself. When you listen properly, not only do you extend respect to others and build sound relationships, but you will also hear the world around you.

Your Road to Success

We are fortunate to have such amazing senses, use them and do not let your business become the next fatality.

The next time you are at that busy inter-section, you could close your eyes, cover your ears and not stop. By a miracle you may survive, but after several attempts, the chances are you will die as well as harm others around you. Stop, open your eyes, look and listen, you may still decide to cross when others would not dare, business leaders can indeed be inherent risk takers, love the thrill even, but make it a calculated risk.

Rob Bhol,  Anseris Mons Limited